Carrier Tape Manufacture  
The following video is to introduce the manufacturing of Carrier Tape.

A & WEUGA PRECISION ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. is capable of designing various SMD Embossed carrier exclusively for individual customer and wins affirmative response by devoting full efforts in pursuit of remarkable quality in the process from material selection, tooling development, sample product, production to final inspections.

Feature of Embossed Carrier Tape

A & WEUGA PRECISION ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. produces in automatic machine accompanied with self-designed precise toolings and manages in the concept of strict quality control flowchart, dustproof, staticproof so as to have quick delivery to meet customers’ requests.

A & WEUGA PRECISION ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. produces carrier tapes according to electronic device’ characteristics and select appropriate material(such as PS, A-PET), anti-static or conductive, clear or black. TO meet the operation requirements in the field of electronic assembly lines, peelforce, tenacity and durability are all seriously taken into consideration.

  Embossed carrier tape 、Top cover tape、 Reel   PP Mold Tape
Quality Control of Embossed Carrier Tape

A & WEUGA PRECISION ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. adopts complete quality control flowchart, strict quality level to make production process smooth in the assembly lines.

  3D inspection equipment : to inspect all needed dimensions.   Peelforce tester: to check the peelforce of carrier tape and cover tape.
SMD Carrier Tape Manufacture
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