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A & Weuga Precision Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a renowned manufacturer of products, equipment and taping in association with the packaging materials of active, passive SMT components.

A & Weuga consists of manufacturing and trading divisions.

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Manufacturing Division: Committed to manufacturing and marketing of embossed carrier tapes (blister tapes) and Tape & Reel services. A & Weuga owns two manufacturing plants, one in Taipei, Taiwan and the other in Huizhou City, Guandong Province, China. Automated equipment is used for the production of embossed carrier tapes (blister tapes). The monthly output stands at 4,000,000 meters rendering timely service to the customers. In May 2008, A & Weuga successfully released the chip inductor PP mold tape which strengthen the production line and the customers have another option to choose from.

Trading Division : Responsible for imports and marketing of the Fuji chemical Chip adhesive from Japan and marketing of taping machines, embossed carrier tape forming machine as well as for exports of the SMD-related packing materials, to serve customer which are available in both Europe and Asia.

  SMD Carrier Tape Manufacture SMD Taping Processing Sales of SMT Adhesive Sales of SMT Equipments
ISO 14001 & 9001 Certification

We believe quality is the key to sustainable business.
The entire work force has been working relentlessly for impeccable quality. The standard operation procedure covering design, manufacture, quality assurance/control and shipment is under rigid control plus sincere sense of responsibility assuring each and every piece of work is a premium one.
WEUGA was granted the ISO 14001 & 9001 certification , establishing an example of premium quality.

  Scope:Manufacture & Sales of Embossed Carrier Tapes & SMD Carrier Taping Processing;Sales of Adhesive for Electronic use.
SMD Carrier Tape Manufacture
SMD Taping Processing
Sales of SMT Adhesive
Sales of SMT Equipments
No. 2, Aly. 6, Ln. 256, Sec. 1, Minsheng N Road,
Guishan Township, Taoyuan County 333, Taiwan.
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SMD Carrier Tape Manufacture
SMD Taping Processing
SMT Adhesive Sale
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A & Weuga Precision Enterprise Co., Ltd.

SMD Carrier Tape Manufacturer, SMD Taping Processing.

SMD Carrier Tape Factory, Tape & Reel Packaging, Taping OEM.

PP Mold tape ,Fuji S.M.T Chip adhesive Sellers ,Fuji SMT adhesive Sellers.
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